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Sony PS3 Slim Bluray DVD Drive For CECH-2001A, CECH-2001B, CECH-2101A, CECH-2101B Models (KES-450A/ KEM-450AAA Laser)
Sony Blu-Ray DVD Drive KEM-450DAA, Complete Replacement for PS3 Slim CECH-25XX CECH-30XX Consoles 160GB 320GB
Blu-Ray DVD Drive KES-450A KEM-450AAA Laser Lens Replacement for Sony Playstation3 PS3 SLIM CECH-2001A, CECH-2001B, CECH-2101A, CECH-2101B Models 120, 250 GB
Replacement Blue-ray DVD Drive Model KEM-450A KES-450A KEM-450AAA For Sony PS3 Slim CECH-2001A, CECH-2001B, CECH-2101A, CECH-2101B Playstation Models - 120, 250 GB
Original KEM-450AAA KES-450A CECH-2001A 120GB Sony Slim PS3 Blu-ray DVD Drive
Sony PS3 CECH-4001A / CECH-4001B Super Slim New Replacement Blue-Ray DVD Drive Deck KEM-850 PHA with Laser Lens and flex cable in Shell
Replacement Blu-ray DVD Drive KEM-450AAA for Sony PS3 Slim CECH-2001A ,CECH-2001B , CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B, 120/250GB
Complete KEM-450DAA CECH-3001A CECH-3001B Blu-ray DVD Drive SONY PS3 SLIM
Dolity KEM-450DAA Blu-ray Disk Drive Replacement and Repair Part for Sony PS3 S (Slim) 160-320GB CECH-3001/2501 A/B
Brand New Original Blu-ray Laser Lens KES-850A KEM-850 with Deck Replacement for Sony PlayStation3 PS3 CECH-4xxx Super Slim

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