Islamic Antique

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TR 1099-1118 AD (AH 492-511) Seljuk Denar Antique Islamic Gold Coin Dinar Very Fine
Grand Marketplace Islamic District Cairo Trader 1882 antique wood engraved print
Turkish Coffe House Koran Education Muslim Teacher 1854 antique engraved print
Ottoman Siege of Diu India Portuguese Colony Muslims 1777 antique engraved print
Islam Prayers Mecca Postures Ceremonies Turkey Turkish 1789 engraved print
IQ 776 AD (AH 160) Medieval Abbasid Islamic Islam Antique Silver Coin of the Middle Ages Dirham Good
The Beginnings of Islamic Law: Late Antique Islamicate Legal Traditions
1265 TR Turkey Seljuks of Rum under Sultan Kilij Arslan IV Antique Islamic Silver Coin Dirham Good
Antique Islamic Persian Seljuk Empire bronze lamp, 1037-1194
Turks Fighting Horseback Whipping Prisoner Muslims c.1855 antique engraved print

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