Fluke Alligator Clips

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Fluke AC175 Threaded Slide-on Alligator Clip Set with Flexible Boots
Fluke TLK282 SureGrip Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit
Fluke AC285-FTP Alligator Clips and Adaptors, 1000V Voltage, 10A Current, Red and Black, For FTP-1 or FTPL-1 Fused Test Probes
Push-On Alligator Clips for Test Leads
Fluke Corporation T5-KIT Tester Accessory Starter Kit
Fluke TL223-1 SureGrip Electrical Test Lead Set with SureGrip Insulated Test Probes
Digital Multimeter Test Lead Kits sharp Flexible Safety Specialties kit Probe Alligator Accessorie
Fluke AC285 SureGrip Large Alligator Clip, 1000V Voltage, 10A Current, For TL222 and TL224 Test Leads
Fluke AC72 Alligator Clip Set, 1000V Voltage, 10A Current, 8mm Jaws Opening
TOTOT Banana Plug to Alligator Clip 1 Red 1 Black Test Leads 15A Safe Plug
WGGE WG-011 Test Lead and Safety alligator Clips
Fluke TP920 Test Probe Adapter Set, 300V Voltage, 3A Current
Fluke AC87 Heavy Duty Bus Bar Clip Set
Fluke AC120 Alligator Clip-Set
Fluke TLS430 Test Lead and Alligator Clip Set
Amprobe TL35B Test Leads with Alligator Clips
Fluke Networks LEAD-BANA-CLP Test Leads with 4 mm Banana Plugs, X-Large Alligator Clips and Test Probes for TS54, 53, 23 Test Sets
Fluke TL1550EXT 3 Piece Extended Test Lead Set with Alligator Clips, 5000V DC Voltage, 20A Current, 300" Cable Length
20A Probe Test Lead + Alligator Clips Agilent/Fluke/Ideal Clamp Cable Multimeter
Fluke TL175E TwistGuard Double Insulated Silicone Test Lead Set with Removable 4mm Lantern Tips, 2mm Diameter Probe Tips

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