Ddrum Trigger Module

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ddrum DDTi Drum Pad and Trigger Interface
KAT Percussion KT3M Digital Drum Sound/Trigger Module
ddrum Acoustic Pro 5-Piece Drum Trigger Kit
ddrum DD1M PLUS Electronic Drum Module
Roland Electronic Drum Accessory (TM-2)
ddrum Red Shot 5-Piece Drum Trigger Kit
Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module
ddrum DD1M DD1 Electronic Drum Module, Red
Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module Module
ddrum DD5XM Digital Drum 5x Series Module, Red
ddrum DRT Tom Trigger
DDrum RSKIT (5) Pack Red Shot Trigger Pack with 4 Snare/Tom Triggers, Bass Drum
Alesis Pro X Hi Hat | Dual-Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller for DM10/DM8
ddrum Red Shot Bass Drum Trigger
ddrum Red Shot Tom/Snare Drum Trigger
DrumDial Drum Trigger with Clip Mount (5)
ddrum Trigger Tube Single Zone Electronic Drum Pad
Roland TD-30 Drum Sound Module
ddrum XLR to Dual 1/4" Stereo Y Cable for DTS, DRT SNARE & Chrome Elite DTS Snare Triggers, 15 feet
ddrum DRT SNARE DRT Trigger Snare Double Transducer

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