Clear Tapered Stem

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G.W. Schleidt C105-G 2.37 in. Diameter Green Sphere on Clear Tapered Stem
Martini Glasses, Made in USA. Set of 2-7.5oz. Clear, Long Stem, Tapered Bowl, Thick Glass Base. Sturdy Enough to Stand up to Heavy Use
GW Schleidt Home Decor Solar Glass Ornament 3" Diameter Purple Sphere Radiometer on Clear Tapered Stem
C7 Corvette Crossed Flags Logo Aluminum Valve Stem Caps (Tapered)
G.W. Schleidt C105-B 2.37 in. Diameter Blue Sphere on Clear Tapered Stem
Water Goblets or Wine Goblets Set of 6 Large 20 Oz Quality Wine Glasses for White, Red, Burgundy & Full Bodied Wine. Sturdy Stems & Tapered Bowls, Adorned Glass with Classy Sophistication!
G.W. Schleidt C005 2.37 in. Diameter Sphere on Clear Tapered Stem
NewKelly Gracious Makeup Handmade 5Pairs Natural Long False Eyelashes Extension Exquisite
Clear Cut Flower Bouquet Sleeves - 12" diam. x 16" tall x 3" at Bottom
SAFE-T PROTRACTOR 6" / 180°, Clear Shatter Resistant Plastic, Box of 12

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