1986 Nissan Sentra Radiator

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MotoRad MT-300 Pressure Tester
Upgr8 Universal Fan Mount Kit Push Through Radiator Tie Strap Plastic (2 Pack)
Motorad ST-13 Safety Level Radiator Cap
Stant 10229 Automotive Accessories
Gates 31527 Radiator Cap
Stant 10329 Automotive Accessories
Upgr8 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps Range 2.25" - 2.56" 57MM~65MM for 2" Silicone Coupler Hose (2 Pack)
Stant 12552 Radiator Cap Adapter
Hayden Automotive 210 Mounting Kit System
Four Seasons 35879 Radiator Fan Mounted Cooling Fan Temperature Switch
Mr. Gasket 2470B Domestic ThermoCap Radiator Cap With A Temperature Guage.
Gates 20940 Radiator Coolant Hose
ACDelco 12R5S Professional 13 P.S.I. Safe Release Radiator Cap
Red Line 80204 Water Wetter - 12 oz.
Nissan 21430-7999C Cap Assembly-Filler
Mr. Gasket 2470S Domestic ThermoCap 13 PSI-SLVR
Hayden Automotive 3670 Rapid-Cool Thin-Line Electric Fan
Stant 11229 Radiator Cap
Flex-a-lite 112 Black 12" Trimline Electric Fan (reversible)
Gates 21229 Upper Radiator Hose
Hayden Automotive 3652 Preset Thermostatic Fan Control
Hayden Automotive 678 Rapid-Cool Plate and Fin Transmission Cooler
Mr. Gasket 2470R Domestic ThermoCap 13 PSI-RED
Four Seasons 53014 Fan Mount Pull Tie Kit
Hayden Automotive 3651 Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control
Gates 31511 Safety Vent Cap
Hayden Automotive 514 High Performance Transmission Cooler

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