10 X Loupe Magnifier

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SE MJ3622L-10X Professional 10x 18mm Illuminated Metal Loupe
Bausch & Lomb Watchmaker Loupe, 10x
SE MJ37801L Professional Quality 10x Triplet Loupe, LED-Illuminated, 21mm
Bausch & Lomb Coddington Magnifier, 10x
Fancii LED Lighted Slide out Pocket Magnifying Glass - 10X 20X and 30X Multi-Power Small Portable Loupe Magnifier with UV Black Light | Best for Jewelry, Diamonds, Gems, Coins, Stamps, Rocks
Lot 6 pcs New Magnifier 10x 21mm Jeweler Loupe Eye Glass Loop Magnifying ZX0011A
Aiernuo Loupes 10x Glass Jeweler Loupe Loop Eye Magnifier Magnifying Magnifier Metal Body Silver (10x21mm)
SE MJ31018C 10 x 18mm Professional Round Triplet Jeweler's Loupe
Saim Silver 10X_18mm Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier Magnifying Glass Powerful Doublet, Chrome Plated, Round Body Jewelry Loupe
SE MJ368212 Dual Power 10X and 20X Jeweler's Loupe

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